According to the ADA, service animals aren’t required to wear a specific harness, vest, or ID tag. Federally they have no requirements for identification besides the two standard questions of “Is this a service animal,” and “What tasks/work does he preform?”

My human and I vest and fully endorse vesting for ANY SD team where their human counterpart has any mental or psychological impairment. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, any invisible illness that can be exacerbated by confrontation is mostly avoidable by vesting. My human rather avoid the conflict, as stress could easily lead us to the hospital.

Service dog teams don’t have to, and the handlers who chose not to should never be frowned upon. It is all up to their own discretion. My human just prefers to not let a problem start.

My gear is as follows, a blue camo vest that states in reflective text “SERVICE DOG”, A bright blue leash with a leash sleeve, stating “MEDICAL ALERT,” “IGNORE ME,” and “DO NOT SEPARATE FROM HANDLER.” We do this because it makes our outings less eventful. Making yourself sick just to stand up to adversity and ignorance is silly. All we dogs want is for our humans to feel better and to be happy. Well, and a snack too! Who /wouldn’t/ want snacks?


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