Nothing makes my human sadder than for other humans to keep their “blinders” on. I’m my human’s guide. Yes, I’m little. Yes, what I do is different, but it /works/. What’s wrong with me doing my job and being a smaller package? Nothing.  We don’t fit in a box, and that’s okay, because I’m awesome just the way I am. Are all blind / legally blind people the same? Do they all have the same disabilities?

Last I checked no human was the same, nor did they have the same needs.

My human needs me to point out obstacles for her, to help lead her around incoming humans because she cannot tell how far away they are. I help her with changes in incline by showing her how steep something like a curb is. /I/ do that. I don’t need to be big to do that, and that’s okay.

Dismissing me isn’t cool, and it isn’t me it hurts, it’s my girl. She’s my world and I don’t like her being hurt by humans’ ignorance. Try to keep in mind when you see us little guys, that we can do more if given the opportunity. Take off those blinders, there are lots more beautiful things to see in the world. Appreciate what you can see, because most of it is just a blur for my girl.


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