I never really considered how it could be possible for cliques to follow through into the real world. I knew there would always be the “popular” crowd, yet even in what should be a community of understanding, there are still those who see themselves as “above” others. What should be a place for support and understanding, ends up as a mockery of it all.

My SD and I are not stereotypical, and because of that, I have to constantly defend ourselves. We aren’t accepted. He’s not a labrador, so obviously I get seen as some entitled bitch. Not the case, but that’s just how it goes on first looks.

Buddy does do guide work, but not in the way a typical guide dog does. So by me saying this, I’m the ass. I’m not being “safe” for my SD. I’m legally blind, but obviously, I have no clue on how SDs work. I was told that, that he can only be a guide if it’s momentum pull and he would have to be a large dog. Who cares about the severe muscle weakness making “momentum pull” an impossible task. Who cares that I’ve spoken with several of the top guide dog training schools and they’ve stated their dogs wouldn’t work for my disabilities. Because in the eyes of the elitists, I do not FIT.

I shouldn’t have to defend myself, to give so much personal, medical information just to get a modicum of acceptance. Technically, if I want to be really damn blunt, the SD community breaks the ADA laws themselves in their judgemental bullshit.

Yes I let him ride in the basket seat in certain circumstances. But that is /wrong/. I’m a /bad/ person for this. It doesn’t matter that I have frequent blackouts and having him in a sling would /definitely/ put him in danger. So what?

I’m just not good enough to be part of the service dog handler community, and that’s just damn fine. If one of these entitled people wants to confront me in public, they can go right on ahead. I’m here, I’m ready. Go ahead and tell me how I’m wrong. Tell me how “bad” a person I am, how “not” accepted.

Do it. Don’t be a coward and hide behind your computer screen. Don’t sit there and think you know everything and can pass judgement on someone else’s disabilities. You are not god, the jury, or the judge. And just to be clear, you are not better than me.

This might be a rant, but it’s a justly deserved one. I have a hard enough time dealing with bigots on the internet that I’ve gotten a bellyful of it. I’m fed up. This isn’t high school anymore, we aren’t kids bickering over who is better than the other. Instead of assuming you know everything, consider, just for the moment that there might be reasons a person does what they do.

If you don’t like blatant honesty, do everyone a favor and just go stuff it.


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