Today we went out to get some grocery shopping done, my human is making some really tasty chicken soup! I can’t wait, especially as I get to taste the roasted chicken, lucky me 😛

Shopping isn’t easy for my human, her vision is steadily fading. The other shoppers who aren’t paying any attention to their surroundings, make it even more difficult. I know she gets embarrassed bumping in to people. What’s worse, is when the heavily perfumed ones run into /her/. Giving her an asthma attack just because you like a funky smell doesn’t give you the right to curse at her. Because it’s /you/ who should be looking where you’re going.

I took care of her though, helping her stay calm despite the berating one while she got her inhaler. Still, I just don’t get humans. Dogs are easy to understand, but humans? You guys are a seriously confusing puzzle with too many missing pieces.

Oh! I’m feeling better now! I’ve had a cold, and just finished my antibiotics. Us dogs can get sick too, we’re not perfect, nobody is. My human is great though, she took me to the butt doctor and got me all taken care of. Everybody may call the butt doctor a vet, but to me, they’ll always be the butt doctor. I really don’t like those thermometers.



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