Woof again everybody! Today was a pretty stellar day for my human and me. We went to see her neurologist, and is getting referred to a cardiologist for more tests.  Her eyes aren’t any worse, and that’st the most important.

Now I bet you are wondering why we titled this piece about clickers, right? See, we are often at doctors’ offices because of how sick my girl is, and because of that, we interact with medical professionals and other sick people. When we are sitting in a waiting room, my human has me sit beneath her chair. I do so diligently, keeping my head against her leg if she needs me. This simple act of calm obedience can sometimes flummox the occasional few. That’s mostly due to the fakesters giving us such a bad rap.

Back in the exam room, the nurse was doing a test on my girl and remarked on my awesome behavior. I’d been told to lay down beneath the chair my human had been sitting in, and trust me, I was doing just that.

Apparently another patient had brought in her pooch as well, a husky to be exact. This dog was /jumping/ on the nurses and patients, /licking/, yes LICKING, shoving and rubbing up against everyone. Now you gotta know, that is bad, bad, BAD! SDITs (Service dogs-in-training) may not be totally chill, but they still have to behave. Licking is most definitely a /bad/ behavior in public. The handler claimed he was a full-fledged SD (not in training).

Come on, REALLY?

Funny thing is the handler had a clicker. She kept constantly clicking it in attempt to GAIN THE DOG’S ATTENTION. This has bad written all over it.

Clickers are a great training tool, my human uses when we are working on new task training. When I get something right, she’ll click it and I know I’m getting a treat. This handler didn’t have a clue on the right use of a clicker. And saying this pooch was trained? NOPE!

After this, the nurse was so kind to tell my human that /I/ am an example of what a real service dog is. Me! My girl got a bit misty eyed and couldn’t stop smiling, she’s always so proud of me, and those words really touched her. We’re a team, equal partners, which means complimenting me is doing so to her too.


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